• HELLO I make technology videos, including tech news, reviews, and discussions. I aim to make fun and entertaining videos that anyone of any technical knowledge level can enjoy. I used to make joke tech tutorials but recently switched exclusively to real tech topics. ━━━━━━▼ Frequently Asked Questions ▼━━━━━━ Q: Are your videos fake?  Ⓐ: All the "free stuff" tutorials are fake jokes. As of October 2016, I now make real tech videos and discussions. Q: Where are your real videos? Ⓐ: I now make real tech videos on this channel. Q: You're just trying to ruin people's computers! Ⓐ: No. The joke tutorials don't do anything at all. ━━━ If you're a brand looking to do an integration, see the "Info For Brands" link. ⚠️⚠️ My official emails are all! Any others are SCAMS! Contact me via the email below if not sure! ⚠️⚠️
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